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Access Accumulator

This is one of African Bank’s most innovative products, proudly unique in the market. With Access Accumulator you can invest your money with the ability to access it, in full or partially. The distinct feature of the Access Accumulator is that it allows you to earn excellent interest rates that increase monthly over a maximum term of 24 months. You have the flexibility of making a withdrawal request at any time and payout will be processed within 24 hours – no notice period, no penalty. This way you're able to get your money almost immediately, while you benefit from the monthly incremental interest rate that grows your money.

If you're interested in investing your money using an Access Accumulator Account, here are a few reasons you should be convinced.

Earn increasing interest

Your interest increases by 0.15% on a monthly basis, for the duration of 24 months. The interest rate will never decrease for the duration of the investment.

Access to your money

You have access to your money at any time either partially or fully and payment is processed within 24 hours of your request.

Investment maturity

After 24 months the investment matures and you may consider re-investment options or pay-out.

Important to know

Interest pay-out will only take place either on withdrawal or expiry. No additional deposits can be made into the account.

Further important things to note about the Access Accumulator Account is that a minimum opening deposit of R500 is required, no additional deposits can be made into the account over the 24 month life cycle of the product and interest pay-out will only take place on expiry.

How to apply

With a minimum of R500.00 opening an account is easy. We’ll help you along the way with any of your enquiries. To kick-start your savings journey simply enter your details below.

Identity document

Proof of residence

Open an investment account

Access Accumulator calculator

How much would you like to invest?

How many months would you like to invest?


Access Accumulator interest rates are quoted on a per annum basis

Minimum investment amount
Monthly interest payout
Annual interest payout
Semi-annual interest payout
Interest payout on expiry

Rates quoted are valid for today only, given that funds are received today, and may change over time.
* Interest rates on expiry are quoted for illustration purposes, based on a 24 month period.

Terms and conditions apply.
Disclaimer: African Bank cannot advise you of the tax implications of investing. It is recommended that you contact your financial advisor or your tax consultant.
To open an Access Accumulator account please visit your nearest branch.


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