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African Bank is committed to offering you the easiest, most convenient ways to interact with us and your accounts. This is why we encourage you to take control and register for African Bank's FREE online, cell phone and mobile services.

African Bank's online and mobile services enable you to access account information and services from your computer, cell phone or other mobile device.

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What are the benefits?


Connect online whenever and wherever. Self-service functionality, available 24/7 - we can help you online even when our doors are closed.


You decide when and how you would like to interact with African Bank.


The service allows you to interact freely whilst protecting your confidential information.

It's free

There is no monthly subscription or transaction fee for using the service.

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What does it cost?

Monthly subscription

African Bank does not charge a monthly subscription or transaction fees for using the service.

Airtime and Data

Applicable airtime and data charges apply – these are determined by your network service provider.


Depending on your African Bank product / account, you will be able to access the following:

Balance and payment information

View your account balances and payment information


View / request account statements


Make a payment arrangement for a once off or recurring debit order deduction from your bank account to accelerate payment or reduce arrears on your African Bank account

Change debit order

Change or update your account debit order online


Buy prepaid airtime, data and SMS bundles – pay with your African Bank Credit Card

Payment break

Choose to take a break from a payment on qualifying loans

Credit Life Insurance

Log a Credit Life Insurance claim. Log an insurance claim online

Stop card

Immediately stop your lost/stolen credit card