Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for 2020? We all start off a new year with the best intentions, like losing weight, starting a business, saving or investing, or finally kick-starting your bucket list. Sticking to these resolutions, however, gets harder as the months go by. For many, figuring out how to get started is the biggest hurdle of all. Is this something you’re familiar with?

Where do you start? With your goals: set realistic goals that are achievable, then create a plan to make them a reality. To ensure that your plans stay on track, here are a few tips to keep in mind. We will also show you how an African Bank MyWORLD bank account might just be the tool you need to make your financial dreams come true.

  1. Don’t delay getting started

    Sometimes the hardest part of achieving your resolutions/goals is simply getting started. If you’re often guilty of putting things off and procrastinating, it might help you to just set a date, and get going.

    There’s always tomorrow, or the day after that… right? If you include your goals in your budget, and pick a day to implement your budget, you’ll find that it will get slightly easier to get momentum going. Once you’ve landed on the best time to sit down and create a simple budget, add it to your calendar and schedule reminders on your computer or phone to hold yourself accountable.
  1. Make your goals part of your budget

    Budgeting can help you understand all your financial habits and take control of your money. It helps you keep track of where your income is going. Once you’ve set aside money to cover your monthly expenses, you can decide how much of your remaining income you would like to allocate towards your resolutions and goals for the year.

    Be realistic with your budget — if you have short-term goals, those would take priority over longer-term ones. One of the easiest ways to create a simple budget and stay on track is to follow the 50-20-30 rule. We explain it for you here.


  1. Tackle your debts

    Debts can easily make you put off getting started on your resolutions for the year. So, make a simple plan to tackle debt. As you pay off your debts, one at a time, you’ll find that you’re less stressed about finances, and can focus a lot more on your plan to achieve your goals. Another important benefit of tackling debts is that it leaves more money in your pocket to spend on your goals once you have closed the debts.
  1. Save for emergencies

    How many times have you had to delay getting started on your goals simply because a financial emergency came up? This happens to the best of us, at least once. Emergency expenses can seriously derail your budget and spending plans. Every month, try to set aside a small amount in a dedicated account for unplanned expenses.
  1. Don’t do it alone, get help

    There’s strength in numbers and the best support system can come from partnering up with someone who is also trying to keep a financial resolution.
  1. Use African Bank’s MyWORLD bank account

    African Bank’s MyWORLD account offers up to five Pockets, including a Power Pocket or Savings Pocket feature that you can use as separate accounts for each of your financial goals. This is a separate bank account linked to your Primary MyWORLD Account. It comes with no monthly account fees and SA’s lowest banking fees.

    The African Bank online applications process to open your MyWORLD account takes only a few minutes, and you can do it all online using your phone or computer. You will only need to visit a physical branch to generate and receive your MyWORLD debit card. Once your bank account is open, you can start to create your Pocket accounts, view your account balance online and more. Read all about MyWORLD here.

    Another benefit is that you can manage your finances using online banking. This means you can bank on the go, organising your money for the best results anywhere, at any time. With African Bank, you can take control of your finances using Internet Banking, our App or Cellphone Banking. We all lead busy lives, and many cannot afford the time needed to visit a branch. Banking online saves you valuable time.

    An important thing to always remember: don’t let your frustration win. Keep a positive attitude and take any knocks in your stride because achieving your ultimate financial goals is most certainly worth it

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