Enjoy the convenience and security of business online banking

In a fluctuating economy, businesses need to be agile and react quickly to opportunities. That’s why many have turned to business online banking. The convenience of ebanking is a major plus for business owners and there are many other advantages when you bank online.

For those already on the online bandwagon, it may seem alien that not everyone is going online to manage their business and personal finances.

The truth is, smartphone users across the world are not all equal yet, South Africans included. But, we are catching up. In our emerging economy, there is a growing trend towards using a banking app or other online mobile services instead of going into a brick-and-mortar bank.    

When you make the switch to online banking, you will soon discover it is safe and easy to use. You can access a myriad of services, like checking your balance, viewing your investments and savings, updating your personal information and opening a new bank account online.  

We know how busy small business owners are. They often wear several hats and multi-task throughout the day to get everything done.

The proper management of finances is an important part of the success of a small business – it is also, often, the biggest headache for small business owners. This is why you want a trusted financial partner, like a reputable bank, and the means to transact quickly and securely.

As mentioned, the early bird catches the worm in business today. Sometimes you need quick access to money, or maybe you need to pay for an order to get a job executed so that you can invoice the customer.

Having to drive to the bank and fall into a queue to get this done takes valuable time out of your busy day. There is also the added security risk of driving around with large amounts of cash.

When time is of the essence and your days are jam-packed with meetings, sales, marketing and finding new business, ebanking is the answer.

Customers love banking online because:

  • It is convenient. Time is money, so why waste it standing in a queue at the bank?
  • You can bank securely with peace of mind — your personal information and accounts are protected at all times.
  • You bank when you need to — whether you are at home or overseas, make payments, check your loan status, transfer funds, check your balance or open an account. Online banking gives you the flexibility to manage your accounts and money when it suits you.
  • For individuals or businesses, the advantages of using the internet for your banking far outweighs the negatives.
  • Users simply need a basic understanding of computers or smart devices and knowledge of internet security.

Recognising the importance of the protection of their customers’ personal information, banks in South Africa have made impressive advancements in online banking security.

Remember too though that you, as the customer, play a pivotal role in ensuring your account is secure at all times.

To ensure your information remains secure when doing business online banking or personal banking online, NEVER:

  • Reveal your PIN and password to anyone and change these immediately if you suspect something untoward. You can make these changes via our convenient banking app, other online platforms or at one of our branches.
  • Do your banking from a computer you are not familiar with, or in shared WiFi hotspots.
  • Open emails or click on links in which state your bank asks you to verify your personal information. Your bank will never ask you to verify your personal information via email or SMS.

If you are a smartphone user or own a laptop or tablet, be smart by making your devices work for you and your money by switching to online banking platforms today.

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