It's time to say goodbye to debit order fraud and those dreaded R99 scams.

You can do so with confidence now that DebiCheck is here. So, say good riddance to thieves stripping your bank account with debit orders that sneak past your bank notifications. Sure, it's less than R100 a month, but it adds up over time.

If you left an unauthorized R99 debit order unchecked for five years, that's nearly R6000 that has vanished from your bank account. Think about what you could do with R6000 right now! A new phone, a laptop, a vacation…

The sad fact is that a lot of South Africans have lost even more than that. According to a probe conducted by the Hawks, SARS, the SAPS and the financial industry, over R1.6 billion is stolen annually from South Africans through unauthorized debit orders. Over 1.5 million debit orders are disputed every month.

You worked hard for your money. It deserves to be protected as you build your wealth for a better life. This is why DebiCheck was created.

What is DebiCheck?

DebiCheck is a quick, easy way to electronically confirm your debit orders. This means that no one will be able to debit your bank account if you have not given your approval.

How does DebiCheck work?

  • You enter into a contract with a service provider in which your bank account will be debited each month. This is also called a mandate.
  • Before the first debit order leaves your account, you will receive an SMS or Push notification, asking you to approve the mandate.
  • You can approve or decline the mandate. Review the terms and conditions carefully before making your decision.
  • You will only have to do this once for each new debit order unless the Ts&Cs of your contract change.
  • Each month, your bank will check the debit order amount against your DebiCheck approval.

So many ways to DebiCheck

You can approve your debit order mandates in a number of ways:

  • Online banking
  • Cellphone banking
  • Banking app
  • By calling your bank's contact center
  • At your local bank branch
  • At an ATM using your debit card
  • At a Point Of Sale (POS) terminal — card machines used in stores.

Please check with your bank to see which of these options are available.

Stay in control

DebiCheck has been designed to keep you in control of your monthly debit orders. To help the system work for you, please ensure that your bank has your correct cellphone number.

Will all my debit orders be DebiChecked?

This is the long-term goal for the DebiCheck plan. Because of the huge number of debit orders going off each month, DebiCheck will be introduced in a phased approach. That means, for now, only new debit order mandates will need DebiCheck approval.

It will also take some time before all service providers use the DebiCheck system. If you enter into a contract with a service provider who does not use DebiCheck, you will not receive any notification to approve the new mandate. Make sure you understand all the Ts&Cs stipulated by your service provider before agreeing to any transaction. Also ensure that you have a signed contract or an approved voice-recorded mandate, for your safety.

Will my DebiCheck notification ask for personal details?

No. Your bank would never ask you to confirm personal details, such as your PIN, or password. Any request like this could well be a phishing attack. Stay alert! If you are unsure or concerned, please contact your bank immediately.

Where can I find out more about DebiCheck?

Simply visit for a detailed guide on how DebiCheck can work for you.

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