Debit order scams are common in a tough economy. Find out how to take back control.

As times get tougher, so criminals get smarter. And your debit order is a cheap ticket to your bank account! You have to be careful when shopping and banking online, as this is where it's easy to share information that criminals need to access your account. It's important to protect your financial privacy. Be discreet when sharing your information and make sure you're sharing it with a legitimate organisation.

Debit order scams are easy to run because of the automatic nature of debit orders and the fact that many people don't check their bank statements as often as they should, nor do they sign up for alerts for activity on their bank account. In other words, beating fraudsters at their own game requires a little more vigilance from all of us.

Let's take a look at a few easy steps we can take to ensure we're not the next victims of a debit order scam.

  1. Keep up to date with your debit orders

    It helps to know when your account will be debited, to which creditor, and for how much. Criminals thrive on the element of surprise: catching a victim off guard is easy. By the time you've noticed that your account has been fraudulently debited, it's too late, and you've lost a lot of money. DebiCheck debit orders require your approval by default, so you know your account will be debited safely.
  1. Sign up for SMS, email, or app alerts

    Opt to receive a digital notification whenever your account is debited. Most banks will send you a standard SMS to notify you when your account is debited, but try to set up alerts on your app and via email so that you’re still notified if you miss an SMS.
  1. Don't click on suspicious links in SMSs and emails

    Phishing is a common method used by cybercriminals to get their victims to share their bank account details. By getting you to click on a legitimate-looking link, the fraudsters have succeeded in gaining your trust and convincing you to submit your bank account details, ID number, and more! Rather contact the company requesting these details to verify that it’s legal.
  1. Check your statements regularly

    Set up time at least once a month to download and check your bank statements. Make sure you recognise each transaction listed.

Take back control with DebiCheck

DebiCheck was designed to keep you in control of your monthly debit orders by approving them before your account is debited. You can approve your debit order mandates in several ways:

  • Online banking
  • Cellphone banking
  • Banking app
  • By calling your bank's contact centre
  • At your local bank branch
  • At an ATM using your debit card
  • At a Point of Sale (POS) terminal — card machines used in stores.


Find out how this new system will help the fight against debit order fraud here.

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