How does your banking App make saving money easier?

It can feel like we don't have control over our money when it comes to saving. There are so many responsibilities: school fees, car, groceries, cell phone accounts, electricity… the list goes on! The question is: how do you manage your savings when sometimes it feels like you don’t even know where all your money goes?

Many of us do not spend enough time going through our bank accounts. Honestly, sitting down, switching on the laptop, and logging in can be a pain. This is why an app makes life so much easier. It’s on your phone and, let’s face it, we’re always busy on our phones.

It helps to be able to monitor what goes in and out of your account. Doing so on your app is an easy way to take stock of how much you've spent and how much you have left. In fact, you should try to make using an app a big part of your savings plan.

Let's find out how.

Manage your limits

Setting up limits on how much you can withdraw, swipe for, and spend online is an easy way to control how much you spend. It's a great way to make sure you’re not tempted to overspend. The best part is that you can do it on your app. You have the control to amend your settings when and where you want. This kind of control is vital for creating healthy boundaries for yourself when it comes to how much you can spend.

Transfer money to your savings account

We know what we should be saving money and taking control of our savings account, but it's not always a priority. When your bank account becomes more accessible on your phone, for example, it becomes easier to prioritise these things. Being able to transfer funds into your savings account on your app is a lifesaver: it's quick, takes a few taps, and helps you create a healthy habit. Try to add to your savings account every month.

It costs little to nothing

Online banking is really very affordable. You're all set once you've got your data costs covered, because logging on to your online banking profile is free. The app is also free to download and access. So, there are no excuses!

Download the app to get started

It's never too late to take responsibility for your personal finances. With the right tools, you can develop the right financial habits, and save money, as well as time. The first step is to download your banking app.

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