Mother’s day is going to be a little different this year! We are in National Lockdown, which means that many of us aren’t able to celebrate this special day as we would have planned or loved to.  Whether you’re far from your mom or in lockdown with her, you can still treat her to a memorable day. Here’s a few ideas that can make this Mother’s Day special for your darling mother, with or without anyone stepping out of the house. 

Ideas if you’re in lockdown away from your mom

  1. Give her a gift that keeps on giving – Nothing says “I love you” like a savings account that keeps growing. This would make the perfect gift for your mom, allowing the money to grow while we’re in lockdown. At the end of all this, she could spoil herself with something really precious to her.

  2. Buy her an online cooking course – You’ve heard your mom wanting to try make something she has seen on TV or in a restaurant, right? This is a great opportunity to make that wish come true, gift her an online cooking course to make her favourite meals while in lockdown.

  3. Go on social media – We all have many things that we love and appreciate about our mothers. The support, the love, the care – they do so much on a daily, that we don’t often just stop and say “Thank You”. Let Mother’s Day be that day – take it to social media and share something you appreciate about your mom. Let your mom and friends know just what a gem your mom is, and show it to the world.

  4. Organise a virtual Mother’s Day party – You can’t be with your mom during lockdown, but you can connect with her online. Get your siblings and family members together and host an online party for mom. Surprise her with messages of love, or even her favourite song online. 

Ideas if you’re in lockdown with your mom

  1. Cook her favourite meal – You’re home in lockdown, which means you might have extra time on your hands. Use it as an opportunity to whip up something delicious in the kitchen. Mom’s favourite dessert, bed in breakfast, candle lit dinner or a braai in your garden would make this day really special.

  2. Get creative, make something sentimental – Does your mother have a collection of her favourite family moments in pictures and videos? Get those together and create a video or image collage, inserting her favourite old time song. This is something she will cherish for many more Mother’s Days to come.

  3. Prepare a candle lit bubble bath – Flowers are pretty, but a candle lit bubble bath filled with sweet smelling aromas of oils and rose petals could make her day.

  4. Watch a movie together – Does your mom have a favourite pass time movie that you simply can’t watch because it’s either too old or boring? Make her day special and watch the movie with her. Alternatively, let her choose a movie she would like to watch from a selection of recently released ones. 

Despite the lockdown and the social distancing restrictions, you can still make your mom feel special this Mother’s Day, whether you’re with her or not. Make this day count too, show her you love her!

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