Maximise your Credit Card spend this Black Friday


Maximise your Black Friday experience this year 

Black Friday is without a doubt, the most sought-after shopping spree in the world. And while it may have taken South Africa a little longer to cotton on to this American phenomenon, it’s easy to see that every year, more and more retailers and consumers are getting on board with Black Friday South Africa bonanzas.

Before you whip out your credit cards and go into unnecessary debt, we’d like to show you how to maximise your Black Friday experience this year. We want you to score big, without breaking the bank when Black Friday sales come around once again. 

Prepare, prepare, prepare 

We’ll let you in on a little secret of Black Friday success: The key is preparation.

Set a budget, remembering that the expensive Festive Season is just around the corner. If you’re heading out to the shops, take cash with you so you’re not tempted to spend outside of your budget. 

Smart shoppers don’t allow themselves to be lured by specials and deals that sound amazing, even they have no need for them. Temptation is a marketer’s dream, and they know exactly how to target and nurture the temptation within you. If you prepare, you have a clear idea of what you want and where you will get it from. 

Remember that Black Friday doesn’t live only in the ‘real world’ – you will find great deals online. A good plan is to start with your online shopping first and then head out to the shops afterwards. In some cases, you can start shopping as early as 1am for Black Friday deals. 

Did you know that your African Bank credit card offers free swipes when paying at any till point across the country and you can also use it to make secure payments online? Click here to apply for your credit card online today. 

Know what you want 

Black Friday is a perfect time to stock up on things you want. So, if you’ve had your eye on something for a while, now might be the perfect time to get it. 

Do your research. Compare prices and know ahead of time exactly how much it costs at various retailers. Then, on Black Friday head to various retailers and check out what they have on offer. If you know the price beforehand, you’ll know then and there whether what you’re getting is a good deal or not. 

Be a stalker

Stalk your favourite and short-listed retailers in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. Sign up for their email newsletter and get on their SMS database, so you get the inside scoop on their Black Friday deals. Many retailers will send out teasers just before Black Friday to get you excited, so this is a perfect time to prepare.   

Remember to also download your favourite retailer’s mobile app – this will allow for easy browsing and access to great deals. 

Grab a Shopping Buddy 

Friends are great shopping partners. Meet your buddy at the mall and create a list of your “must find items” and let him/ her do the same. Then switch lists and start covering the shops from different sections of the mall. 

If he/ she finds an item you’re looking for, they can send you a quick WhatsApp message letting you know the price and you can compare it to what you’ve already seen. Likewise, you can offer the same for them from the stores that you’ve got on your shopping quest.

 Know the return policy 

Luckily for us, in South Africa, we are protected by the Consumer Protection Act, which means if you are not happy with your purchase (and it hasn’t been used etc) you should be able to return it for a refund within a certain window period. 

However, if you’re taking advantage of Black Friday deals to buy gifts for friends leading up to Christmas, remember they might not be able to return or exchange them as the 30 day window would have closed by then. 

Keep all eyes open 

While crazy shopping sprees like Black Friday get us all excited, keep in mind that this is usually the time when criminals are at their sharpest! Don’t let down your guard and remember to always conceal your pin when making purchases with your credit card. It happens, but don’t let it happen to you. Read our blog post on how to protect yourself from credit card fraud.

 When using your credit card to make a purchase, never let it out of your sight. If a cashier disappears with your card or conceals it under the counter, they may be cloning your card. Be vigilant. Don’t chat to friends, talk on the phone or text on your mobile while you’re handing over money or making a purchase on your credit card. We want you to be safe and smart!

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