African Bank has made it simple for you. Once you have requested the amount you want to borrow, it will then be paid to you in cash either directly into your bank account or your Credit Card account.

Paying your account has never been simpler. The instalment payment dates of your loan/credit facility are set out on the front page of your agreement. Always make sure your instalments are paid in full and on time via a debit order or payroll deduction – where you have given African Bank authority in terms of the debit order/stop order/payroll deduction authority form you signed. The first instalment on your loan will have to be paid 7 days after the date of African Bank having deposited the cash, which you requested to borrow, into your account. From your second instalment, and all other instalments thereafter, you will repay African Bank on the first day of each and every month. Alternatively, African Bank will accommodate you by deducting the money from your bank account on the day on which you get paid. If you are unable to pay your instalment on the agreed date, please contact African Bank’s Call Centre. All information are set out at the end of this page.

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If there is not enough money in your bank account your bank may charge you a return debit fee. If you are unable to make a cash repayment on the due date or if there is not enough money in your bank account then please make sure that payment is made to African bank by other methods such as cash payment at any of our branches or by direct deposit into our account. We have set out our account details for your convenience at the end of this page. We understand that sometimes, life happens. If you can’t meet your payment agreement on time or in full, then please contact our Call Centre as soon as you can so that we can find a solution and arrange alternative payment arrangements for you. Once you have done this, you may be able to avoid certain things such as being charged a default administration fee, cancelling your loan/credit facility, suspending your credit card or having legal action taken against you. African Bank is here to assist in making sure that repaying your loan is done smoothly and easily as possible, because we understand how important keeping your credit record well is. So, please don’t hesitate to contact us should you anticipate a problem with your repayments. We are here to walk with you, no matter how long the journey may be and if it means finding another method to repay your loan/credit facility, then let’s do that. Good credit health is an investment in your future.


If you fall into default, please contact African Bank’s Call Centre. If you don’t do that then, as our customer, we will notify you of your default and advise that you refer your issue to these agencies; debt counsellor, consumer court or alternative dispute resolution. They will assist in resolving your issue and may help develop a plan to bring your instalments up to date. For more details on debt consolidation, debt counselling or debt management, please contact the National Credit Regulator (NCR) as soon as possible and as set out at the end of this page.

Once you have provided African Bank with all of your correct information, we will make a full calculation of your income and expenditure. We’ll then look at all of your accounts on the Credit Bureau and on a register called the National Loans Register. Based on all of this, we will then calculate how much you can afford. We never want you to fall into financial difficulty and that’s why we’ll help select the most comfortable repayment plan for you. Please ensure that all information provided by you is correct and up to date. If not, you are welcome to inform African Bank to let us know that you cannot afford to pay the instalment before taking up this loan/credit facility.

If you choose to pay off your loan/credit facility early, we at African Bank will support you. Simply contact your nearest African Bank branch or Call Centre and we will assist you. To settle your loan/credit facility just pay the outstanding balance, together with any unpaid interest, charges and all other fees payable by you, our valued customer, to African Bank calculated up to date of settlement (the Settlement amount).

Credit is the foundation to financial freedom. The law (the National Credit Act (NCA)) is designed to protect South African consumers by making credit and banking services more accessible. This is the reason the NCA requires the Bank to report information such as your personal information, any information of any credit agreement entered into, terminated or settled, to either the National Credit Register or to a registered credit bureau to ensure that you get appropriate credit according to the information you have provided to African Bank. The information reported by African bank may be used to: - Find out how credit worthy you are. - Verify your educational qualifications/employment information. - Prevent fraud. If you have agreed to take part in future marketing activities, with your permission given to African Bank in your agreement, the Bank will use its best efforts to check and ask for your credit records before any of its products are marketed to you, the South African consumer.

If you are in arrears and don’t contact African Bank, or African Bank is unable in finding a solution to your issues, African Bank has to give you notice at least 20 (twenty) business days before African Bank submits any adverse information - any information that dishonours your character or negatively shows your credit integrity – about you to a registered credit bureau. Please note that this notice can only be given to you once, unless you request African Bank to provide you with a copy of the same adverse information that it intends to submit to the registered credit bureau. You have the right to contact any credit bureau to receive a credit report on the information held by that particular credit bureau concerning you. If you are not satisfied with any details of you on the credit bureau report, you may contest any information you think is correct and may request for an investigation to be led to check the accuracy of the information taken by the credit bureau.

- You have the right to request for, and to receive, bank statement from African Bank on your application form. Should you not understand any entry, or disagree with any entry on your bank statement, please contact African Bank’s Call Centre. - If you have agreed to take part in future marketing activities, African Bank will send you marketing material and product information from time to time. - You have the right to be sent any document in the manner and official language, that you read and understand, selected by you and to the extent authorised by section 63 of the NCA. If you decide to receive a document in person at a particular location, other than the business premises of African Bank, then African Bank is entitled to recover the delivery costs from you, the customer. - All documents and information will be sent to you at the address which you have selected as per your agreement.

- All the information contained in this letter will apply to your loan from the date on which you have extended the term of your loan. - You must understand that your instalment may be reduced on the loan. - This, however, still means you will be paying interest, fees, insurance premiums and charges for a LONGER PERIOD of time than it would have applied under your original contractual repayment term.

Once you application is successful, African Bank will assist you in opening a card account and give you a card. Once your card is activated, this account will allow all your card transactions to be recorded (Card Account). The card will always stay as an African Bank Credit Card.

Your first instalment on your African Bank Credit Card will be paid, by you, 7 days after your card has been activated. From your second instalment, and thereafter, your payment will be due on the first day of each and every month for your convenience.

There are two ways you can do it: Now you can activate your African Bank credit Card without stepping out of your house. You can activate your Credit Card at any African Bank branch countrywide. 1. Just call our card activation service on0861 000 444, have you ID document and new African Bank Credit Card with you (you will need these to confirm certain details) and follow the voice prompts to create your secret 4-digit PIN Code. You will need this PIN Code every time you make a purchase or withdraw cash. So make sure you always remember your PIN Code. Your card will be activated within 48 hours from completing the call. You will be notified via SMS when you can start using your card. 2. If you prefer a personal touch, visit any of African Bank’s branches countrywide and our consultants will help you.

You will be the only person who may use the African Bank Credit Card. The card will be valid for the period stated on the face of the credit card, unless terminated on an earlier date, in terms of your credit agreement. You will be required to sign your credit card as soon as you receive it. Your African Bank Credit Card is only permitted to be used for making authorised and legal transactions. Once a payment to a supplier has been made, it can’t be stopped unless you request a charge-back of such a transaction after it’s already been processed. The African Bank Credit Card may not be accepted for telephone or Internet transactions, unless expressly authorised by African Bank. These transactions may include but are not limited to - Toll roads - Parking machines - Any transactions requiring an embossed credit card.

You can use your credit card once it has been activated. It will be accepted at all point of sale terminals and ATMs displaying the Visa logo. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn is R2 000 per day. Please note that different banks may assign different withdrawal limits for specific ATMs. Any problems while using your card? Simply call Client Service Call Centre on0861 000 555

Your card will be valid for the period specified on the face of your card. Once that period expires, you may re-issue it at your nearest African Bank branch.

Each and every time your card is used to withdraw cash from an ATM or to buy goods or services, you will have to approve the transaction by entering your PIN or sign the transaction voucher, respectively. The credit card holder is always responsible for the safekeeping of the PIN and credit card. Always keep the PIN code secret and separate from the credit card. This is to lower the risk of someone using your card to generate transactions without your permission/knowledge, but will be responsible for nonetheless.

Yes you can reduce your credit card limit to a level you are comfortable and satisfied with at any time you. You may apply for an increase to your credit card limit.

If you have chosen to have your credit limit automatically increased, your credit limit will be increased once each year on the anniversary that it was first issued to you or the anniversary that the credit limit was last altered, by an amount not exceeding the average monthly purchases or cash advances charged to the Credit Account, or the average monthly payments made by you, whichever is the lesser, during the 12 months preceding the date on which the credit limit is to be increased, provided that your account is conducted in a satisfactory manner.

If African Bank sets aside or puts a hold on any amount, the balance in your Card Account will be reduced by such amounts that the bank sets aside. The amount set aside or held is only an estimate of the actual transaction and may not be equal to the actual transaction it covers. Where applicable, African Bank may set aside or hold such amounts for a period as decided by the relevant Card Association after which the bank shall debit your Card Account for the full amount of the actual transaction.

Please contact your nearest African Bank branch or the Bank's Consumer Service Call Centre at: - CONSUMER SERVICE CALL CENTRE Telephone:0861 111 011

- Only obtain credit from institutions that display that they are registered with the NCR, as they are credible.
- Draw up a budget and develop a savings plan.
- Make sure your monthly repayments are covered in your current budget.
- Be financially awake
- Take action as soon as you realize that you cannot pay any installment.
- Make sure that you do not default on your accounts, as this will result in additional interest being charged.
- Always ensure that you know what the interest percentage is converted into rand and cents.
- Understand your insurance cover.
- Be alert of card scams and always keep your Credit Card PIN safe.
- If your Credit Card is swallowed by the ATM or it is lost, PLEASE phone the card line immediately or stop your card via your mobile phone. To connect to mobile services call 
0861000 351