Notice Deposits

A Notice Deposit Account is ideal if you'd like to build up savings and grow your money over time and still have access to your money by giving notice of withdrawal for 7, 32 or 90 days – you choose. This account may be kept for an indefinite period depending on your saving goals. Enjoy excellent interest rates while you have access to your finances (within the required notice period).

Earn interest from day one by opening a Notice Deposit Account with us. It is important to note that the interest rate on a Notice Deposit changes in line with prevailing market conditions.

Additional deposits
Additional deposits

Additional deposits are allowed at any time into this account (minimum R100 per deposit). You can change a debit order to run on this account into a monthly savings vehicle

Notice of withdrawal
Notice of withdrawal

You can access your money by placing a partial or full notice of withdrawal on your account. The minimum notice amount is R500. To place notice simply phone our Contact Centre on 086 11 11 011.

How to apply

With a minimum of R500.00 opening an account is easy. We’ll help you along the way with any of your enquiries. To kick-start your savings journey simply enter your details below.

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* Actual payout could differ due to the number of days in a month and interest rates at the start day of the investment


Rates are quoted on a per annum basis

Rates quoted are valid for today only, given that funds are received today, and may change over time.
* Interest rates on expiry are quoted for illustration purposes, based on a 12-month period.

Terms and conditions apply.
Disclaimer: African Bank cannot advise you of the tax implications of investing. It is recommended that you contact your financial advisor or your tax consultant.



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