Where do we find that special something to help us overcome challenges, together as a nation? We believe it’s found in people. We believe the #DifferenceIsInYou.

As South Africans, we all have our own special something. Something that sets us apart. Like always finding a reason to sing, especially alongside friends.

Episode 1

South Africans have that thing that makes us unlike any other nation. We sing to our own tunes, dance to our own tracks and just seem better at being ourselves.

Episode 2

We are big dreamers, but we celebrate the small stuff. We aim high, but our goals are always in sight. We make a difference to our nation, but we always start by finding the difference in ourselves.

Episode 3

Sometimes unexceptional actions, make exceptional differences. We believe the #DifferenceIsInYou and you, and you.

Episode 4

Isn't it wonderful to realise that South Africans only need to work with what they’ve got to make a difference? Extra fruit makes more jam. Extra smiles make more people happy.

Episode 5

South Africans have that special something that believes opportunity is just around the next corner. Because what it takes to keep going is inside each and every one of us.

Episode 6

South Africans have that fighting spirit. That special something that shows us that sometimes it’s not about what you put in, but what you get out.

Episode 7

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