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Funeral Insurance

The loss of a loved one can be very traumatic. Not only do you have to deal with the emotional turmoil, you also have to make sure that all the funeral arrangements run smoothly. You deserve funeral cover that allows you peace of mind. With African Bank’s Funeral Insurance, we guarantee to pay out approved claims within 24 hours of approval; we'll pay double if we don't!

Increasing cover

Your premium stays the same, but your cover increases

Cover up to 16 people

Anyone Important to you is covered, up to 16 people

Extra value with Doves

15% extra value with Doves

24 hour payout promise

24 hour payout promise, once claim has been approved or we pay double

Get covered today

Premium calculator

Monthly premium

1 How much cover do you need?


2 Who do you want to cover?

* Please note that this is an indicative quotation only, and may change based on policy member ages and or other changes.

Log a claim

How to claim

For a quick and simple way to log a claim online, simply include your full name, South African identity number, cell phone number and email address/fax number. You will also need to upload the following documents:

Completed claim form

Certified copy of beneficiary’s identity document (if not a main member)

Certified copy of deceased’s identity document (or children’s birth certificate)

Copy of beneficiary’s bank statement

Certified copy of the main member’s identity document

Certified copy of deceased’s death certificate

For more information on how to claim

Call us on 086 000 0979, or
Fax us on 081 680 0731, or
Email to


For more information on African Bank’s Funeral Cover, simply click the documents below to download.

Funeral Cover terms and conditions
Funeral Cover Claim Form